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Straight trip actuator main features

2016-07-08 Hits:867
DKZ straight trip type electric actuator with DDZ-Ⅲ type instrument supporting the use, can also be assembled and equipped with instruments and TA Instruments. It is powered with 220V power supply, 4-20mA standard signal acceptance of this unified input signal into a corresponding linear displacement shaft automatically operated valve terminal or other institutions to complete the automatic adjustment task, or equipped with electric operation implement remote control manually. Straight stroke electric actuators are widely used in power plants, iron and steel, petroleum, chemicals, light industry and other industrial sectors conditioning system. Shanghai Valve Manufacturing Co., part of straight trip actuator having a continuously adjustable, manual remote control, local hand operation three control modes. Use DKZ straight stroke electric actuator type of automatic control system to be equipped with ZPE-3101 servo amplifier, DFD-1000 electric operator before they can achieve automatic control system manual and automatic switch without disturbance.
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