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Development of electric valve industry

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How to seize the strategic opportunity to accelerate the development of electric valve industry. Industry professionals were analyzed from the following aspects:
First, pay attention to the adjustment of product structure, the courage to technological innovation, research and development of high value-added products and international advanced level.
China's electric valve industry is now capable of producing more than a dozen categories of products. Such as valve, closing valves, electric ball valves, butterfly valves, safety valves, check valves, throttle valves, plug valves, pressure reducing valves, diaphragm valves, steam traps, emergency shut-off valve, the maximum use temperature of 570 ℃, the lowest -196 ℃ the highest pressure 600MPa, the maximum diameter 5350MM. Although these products support strong domestic economic construction, it should be clear to see most of our products are generally labor-intensive products or technical content, few have the international advanced level. West-East line recently in charge of the tender, we all lost electric valve business is a regrettable fact.
Second, actively promote the consolidation and reorganization among enterprises, as soon as possible to create a group of grade scale enterprise groups.
Electric valve industry currently produces about 5,000 companies with annual sales income over 5 million just seven, more than one million 3 2 billion of business a no. Domestic market share only Sufa a company more than 2% the rest were below 1%. This shocking enterprise scale is difficult to produce in the market, competition in the industry with well-known international companies more difficult. To change this situation as soon as possible, in addition to their own growth factors, the most effective way is through the joint between enterprises, mergers, restructuring to achieve corporate expansion capital to further expand market share, remain unbeaten in the competition.
It is more popular in today's international economic practices, directionality problem is the development of a period of electric valve industry in the future. To emancipate the mind on this issue, according to the Congress's "new breakthroughs in reform, new ideas for development" requirements break the district boundaries, breaking the boundaries of ownership, breaking the traditional boundaries of specialization. Wherever possible joint inter-enterprise would be bold to try, with 3--5 years and strive to create a plurality of output value over 500 million or 10 billion conglomerate.
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