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Jurong Power Plant companies to participate in joint research and development of valve actuators agreement signing ceremony

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Two Jurong Power Plant Domestic Demonstration Project valve actuator joint research and development agreement signing ceremony

      April 7, Yangzhou Hengchun Electronics Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in two Jurong Huadian Power Plant Domestic Demonstration Project valve actuator joint research and development agreement signing ceremony. This is the company following the bear, "Oil and Gas Pipeline localization of key equipment" project actuator domestic development tasks undertaken after a localization task, but also that the National Energy Administration, China Machinery Industry Federation for the courage to research, dare bear spiritual recognition.
To promote the ultra (ultra) supercritical thermal power units and the four key valve pipe domestic work, in 2010 the National Energy Board confirmed the five demonstration projects, organizing equipment manufacturing industry and the power industry jointly carry out scientific and technological research, Jurong Huadian Power Plant is a one of these demonstration projects, independent research and development in Huadian Jurong a valve has been widely used and achieved good application results have been critical thermal power valve localization of key equipment acceptance by ultra (ultra). This time, two Jurong Huadian Power Plant as a domestic super (ultra) supercritical thermal power valve actuators localization unique demonstration project, a milestone for the industry, the implementing agencies. To accelerate the two Jurong Huadian Power Plant Expansion Project valve actuators localization, China Valve Association commissioned by the National Energy Board, held a signing "two Jurong plant Domestic Demonstration Project valve actuator joint research and development agreement in Jurong Huadian Power Plant ceremony".
Participate in the signing ceremony of the actuator manufacturers are domestic enforcement agencies vanguard of the industry, leading the industry's development trend. Actuator manufacturers introduced the localization progress of implementing agencies, and expounded on the level of equipment, management, quality assurance and other aspects of progress. National Energy Board Secretary Energy conservation and technology equipment, Deputy Director Huang Li introduced in concluding remarks of the current development situation of the electricity market, hoping to five equipment manufacturing enterprises rose to the challenge, take the "national team" the mission, to ensure the progress, security quality and quantity of ultra (ultra) supercritical valve actuators localization task for the development of China's national security and to enhance the power industry to contribute.
The company will this meeting as an opportunity to rely on scientific and technological innovation ability and independent design and development, quality and quantity to complete the ultra (ultra) supercritical valve actuator localization task. The task for the localization of R & D, the company will be five prototypes were used in boiler feed water main valve (rated torque 20000N.m), suction valve (rated torque 250000N.m), superheater two water regulating valve ( rated thrust 25000N), main feedwater bypass valve (rated thrust 80000N), adjust the throttle flap (rated torque 10000N.m). Wherein a first stage of development of the rated torque for the main boiler feedwater valve prototype for 1350N.m, speed of 192 rev / min for standard imported products entirely,

It also represents the highest level of domestic electric valve actuators. The meeting by the National Energy Administration, China Valve Association, plants, design institutes, the valve manufacturer, actuator factories, 21 units participated, general manager, sales and technical director attended the meeting.

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