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"Thanksgiving you, with you" --- companies older employees will thank

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At 17:00 on the December 30, 2015 in Taihu Hengchun RESERVED 4th floor hall, the company held a grand lively older employees will thank.

Twenty years, Yangzhou Hengchun Electronics Co., Ltd. in the past and all the staff, the hard efforts, has created one after another industry legend story, twenty years of glory and honor, can not be separated from generation to generation the efforts pay Hengchun , but also inseparable from the old employee loyalty and dedication to hard work. In order to thank the outstanding contributions of older employees for the company over the years to make, is organizing this "grateful to have you with you" older employees will thank. And the length of service more than a decade old staff presented gifts.
Jiang total of more than two decades older employees donated clothing and souvenirs

Premier Zhu, Wang is more than a decade older employees donated clothing and souvenirs

Older employees on a business trip did not participate regrets, thank them!

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