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Manufacturing is the main body of the national economy, is the foundation of a nation, rejuvenation, a powerhouse of the group. Leaves open the eighteenth century industrial civilization since the history of the struggle of the rise and fall of world powers and the Chinese nation has repeatedly proved that without a strong manufacturing sector, there is no state and national prosperity. To create an internationally competitive manufacturing industry, it is China's comprehensive national strength, national security, the only way for the construction of a world power. To build China into a world leader in the manufacturing industry manufacturing power, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream, "Made in China 2025" has become China's implementation of the Programme of Action for the manufacture of power strategy. From a strategic transformation process manufacturing power to create power, the major technical equipment manufacturing industry will inevitably bear the brunt, it has a high degree of industrial relevance, driving ability and technical content higher characteristic, is a national and regional level of industrialization and economic and technological comprehensive strength flag, also relations between the State, the basic national interests of the long-term and strategic industries.

With the rapid economic and social development of resources, especially energy demand continues to expand, increasing the energy supply of energy equipment can not be separated, so the energy equipment manufacturing industry must be at the forefront of technology and equipment manufacturing. Promote energy equipment in China, for the protection of national energy security strategy, optimize the energy structure, transform the mode of energy production and consumption, improve energy efficiency and promote the sustained and healthy economic development has great significance.

In recent years, China's energy equipment manufacturing industry has also made great progress, led by the National Energy Board, we have launched the "Oil and Gas Pipeline localization of key equipment", "ultra (ultra) supercritical thermal power localization of key equipment", "coal deep-processing equipment localization "," LNG equipment made "a series of energy equipment localization, have set up a high-voltage large-diameter welded ball valve, 20MW-class electric drive compressor, 30MW-class fuel driven compressor localization, pump units, key localization team valves, actuators, flow meters, etc., have also made a series of major achievements, such energy equipment technology, manufacturing capacity has improved significantly and the level of autonomy for China's energy industry from large to strong, to achieve scientific development and sustainable development provides an important guarantee.

Yangzhou Hengchun Electronics Co., Ltd. as the domestic electric actuator manufacturer leader, is the only bear the "oil and gas pipeline valve actuators localization" and "ultra (ultra) supercritical thermal power actuator localization" of these two electric localization project implementing agencies electric actuator manufacturers. At present, "oil and gas pipeline valve actuators localization" project requires the development of three prototype electric actuator, in June 2014 adopted by the China Federation of Machinery Industry and the National Energy Board and other units jointly organized the "Oil and Gas Pipeline localization of key equipment of "factory identification products. Since July 2014 has been in the West-East west line, West second was industrial field applications, has been stable, the indicators completely normal, upcoming oil and gas pipeline industry application. Currently Yangzhou Hengchun Electronics Co., also participated in the ultra (ultra) supercritical thermal power actuator localization program seminars, technical specifications seminars and a series of pre-localization is being planned, systematic implementation of the super ( ultra) supercritical thermal power actuators localization task.

Yangzhou Hengchun Electronics Co., Ltd. mainly produces: CKD series electric actuators, rotary actuators, linear electric actuator stroke. The company's industry leading products -CKD series intelligent integration of electric valve actuators. Product is stable, accurate positioning, reliable, easy installation, high cost, overall performance reached the international advanced level of similar products. Welcome customers to inquire. Tel: 0514-80826580
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