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Rotary electric actuator structure principle

2016-07-08 Hits:830
Rotary electric actuator which is able to convert control system signals into the output shaft of the angular displacement of the control position of the valve closure member or other regulatory agencies, the media controlled by the system predetermined state work.
    Rotary electric actuator mechanism according to the control mode is divided into proportional and integral. Proportional actuator by an electric servo amplifier and integral executing agencies, it is possible to compare (closed loop control) to change the output shaft stroke control signaling system and the feedback signal on the output shaft position, so that the output signal is proportional to relationship. Integral actuator by a servo motor, reducer and position transmitter which is able to achieve with electric operation with the remote operation of the valve or other regulatory agencies.
    None "Manual" operating state disturbance switch - the use of electric actuator control system with automatic control system can be realized, "Auto" series with DFD electric operation.
    Safe and reliable electric actuators, installation, commissioning, operation, easy maintenance, widely used in energy, metallurgy, chemicals, building materials industry, measuring and control systems in industrial processes play an important role.
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